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The Whirlwind Girl 2 (2016)


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FILM DETAILS Added 7 months ago
The Whirlwind Girl 2 (2016)

After a lot of baptism, Qi Baicao (An Yuexi) officially set foot on the journey of the metamorphosis, into the eyes of the martial arts audience, she used unique trick whirlwind with three kick, double whirlwind with three kick, Japan, Singapore and other types of points race, and finally made the City Youth Championship qualification, but also because the World Youth Championship rivals old friend Fang Tingyi (Zhao Yuannuan) kicked into a vegetative and practicing inch, let her Yuanwu Road again With a profound new understanding. Unfortunately, Ruo Bai (Yang Yang) left her because of illness. The face of the loss of white Wukong Road, Baicao do not know what reason to continue, she would like to use training to paralysis of their own, but she did not know if the loss of white Wukong Road, where the focus should be. At this time, Baicao met solemn mysterious, talented Chang’an (Ji Chang-wook). Chang’an by the original entrustment instead of training Baicao, to help pine and berry through the storm, in the outsiders view Chang’an cruel method of training Baicao, but in fact just want to maximize the development of her limit, but he was gradually seemingly strong efforts, In fact, the fragile and stubborn girl moved. Under the leadership of Chang, she re-feel the warmth of the pine and cypress and the spirit of the metamorphosis. Grew up with three brothers finally left Fang Tinghao (Chen Xiang) one person, he wanted to give up love Baicao, but always helpless, until the sister sister Tingyi accident, let Ting Hao clinging to the collapse of the world view, He climbed up from despair. Tinghao changed, but he is a hundred herbs, but still before that gentle for her to solve problems of knights.

Genres: Action, Drama Mandarin, Romance

IMDB Rate: 7.2

Director: Ming Xiaoxi

Writer: Ming Xiaoxi

Stars: , , , ,

  • Riyadi Yidistia

    Tolong di upload yg the whirlwind pertamanya ya??